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Here , in the Municipal Civil Registrar’s office, we are committed to provide the highest possible service standards and achieve the following:




( Per Transaction )


1. Issuance of Civil Registry Documents


2. Registration of Civil registry Documents: Birth, Marriage and Death

3. Delayed Registration of Civil Registry Documents: Birth, Marriage and Death

4. Applying for Legitimation of Natural Child

5. Applying for a Marriage License


6. Filling Petition for Change of First name (CFN) or Correction of Clerical Error/s (CCE)


55 min.

1 hr. & 2 min.
Death: 42 min.

10 days & 54 min.


39 min.

10 days & 54 min.

57 min.



Lilian M. Lim
MCR Staff

Raul R. Rayos
Asst. Mun. Civil Registrar

Romeo G. Maranan
Mun. Civil Registrar


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